Fashion creators have been filling us with fantastic patterns of strapless dresses for years. Strapless dresses expose the neckline and shoulders, emphasizing the advantages of the female figure, though it can be a little intimidating too since there's a lot of exposed skin and not much in the way of support. 
Learn the tricks on how to wear strapless dresses to feel fully comfortable.


There is nothing more sexy and feminine than a strapless dress and high heels paired together but most women are afraid to buy them or (more difficult) to wear them as this type of dress requires perfect fitting and arrangement, otherwise it will lead to a catastrophe. 


1) Unfortunately, they are not suitable for every figure.

In turn, ladies with a female figure of hourglass, proportional and with beautiful curves will look great in them. Women with broad shoulders should pay special attention to them. These types of dresses look best on tall and slim women. They tend to fit better on women with smaller breasts too. In fact, many fashionistas claim that strapless dresses and tops are ideal for women with small boobs- decorative draping will help to build the right proportions.
In this dress model, the arms attract attention, thanks to which it is easy to hide other body imperfections. Women who have wide hips should choose a less tight-fitting model, because they should not be emphasized unnecessarily.


sexy strapless dress


2) Don’t let it fall.

Keeping your dress up may be the biggest concern about wearing strapless dress. While they do look beautiful, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep them in one place because of the lack of straps that keeps dress in one place. However, there are many methods you can try:

* Sticky tape: If your strapless doesn't have that thin rubber band, use a bit of fashion tape instead. It won't ruin your clothes, but it will save you the embarrassment that comes when a neckline starts to head down.


Tip! If you are running out of sticky tape- use a safety pin and pin your dress to the bra- trust us, it will do the work.

* Strapless bra: No matter how tempted you might be about wearing your ordinary strap bra underneath your strapless dress- Don’t! It never looks good. There are so many styles, colours and options in shops these days that you will definitely find something for your own comfort and style.


strapless mini dress


3) Accessories.

The key in accessorizing your strapless dress is to find the right balance- not too much and not too less as you don’t want your outfit to look unfinished too. With a strapless dress, the jewellery combination possibilities are endless! As well as all hair tucks will also be great. Thanks to this, you will emphasize the beautiful neck, shoulders and collarbones.


Have fun and try a new look that makes you look and feel gorgeous.