Dresses with open back are not new in fashion. We've worn them for several seasons, because they are effective, eye catching but not as obvious as models with deep cleavage. Generally, the dresses revealing the back are perfect for late evening and all-night parties. Backless mini dress and high heels are the most fashionable party styling but Sslits on the back is also a difficult element in stylization. 
So how to wear them?

1) Backless dresses fit every woman

No matter the age, the look of our body should be our biggest concern. For a glowing and clear back, follow a few daily hacks that will help: 

Cleansing; pick up a good body wash or cleanser to clean your back.
Scrub; using body scrub is an effective way of exfoliating skin to leave it smooth and radiant. 
Moisture; add few drops of baby oil to your bath that will soften and moisture the skin.
Make up; apply foundation with the help of wet sponge on your back and other parts of body. Hide any bad looking spots with concealer.
Posture power; good posture will add an extra self confident to your look. Try yoga or swimming lessons if your posture is not good.

2) No more bra problem

Many women do not opt for dresses with bare back because of the discomfort of choosing the right bra. Well those hard times are gone, there are bras types to choose from for every dress style!
The lower back strap bra is the best option. The straps on this bra can be positioned anywhere, this bra gives you all the style options you need.


3) Accessorizing your backless dress

Jewellery; give your open back just the right amount of bling with some delicate and simple necklace that hangs down your back. 

Shoes; as always-high heels are the best option. When you wear heels, your posture naturally changes, rotating your hips to tuck in your bottom and helping to keep your back and shoulders straight. 

Hairstyle; With deep cleavage at the back, the bun or high ponytail are the most appropriate hairstyle, so as not to cover your back with long hair but you can obviously mix up your look depending on the cut of your backless dress.

Handbag; Bags for such dresses should not be worn on the shoulder, because it spoils the effect of bare back. The clutch bags and decorative purses worn in the hand are more appropriate.