How to wear a mini dress


Many of us love to wear mini dresses, show off some legs, feel sexy but still so many of women’s are afraid to wear them. Mini dresses are extremely feminine clothes that can add a lot of charm to the right styling. However, in order to look good in them, you need to know a few rules about their wearing. Be sure to check our tips.


1) Choose the right length

Yes, you heard right. Even mini dresses have their own lengths. They are short, but that does not mean that each is the same. Sometimes, how you look in them depends on choosing the right length. If you're short, you can afford a shorter model, and if you're tall, choose a slightly longer version. However, women with slightly more massive thighs should choose mini dresses reaching to mid-thighs and flared styles.


2) Remember about the right underwear

Mini dress, is quite short. It happens that the wind will blow or we will sit in an inappropriate position and thus we can show the world much more than we would like. As a result, we are at the center of interest and this is due to a shameful fashion slip. That's why, when wearing a mini dress, remember about the right underwear. Firmly give up the strings. Decide for slightly more built-up briefs or women's boxer shorts.


3) Take care of your legs

Exactly, we mentioned above that legs play the main role, so you have to take care of them properly. In addition to hair removal, apply balsam to the skin. A good way to improve the color of the legs is to mix the balm with the bronzer. This mixture will give a very nice and natural color to your skin.


4) Right Shoes

Platform heels. Shoes in this style not only lengthen the legs, but are contrary to appearances very comfortable. The high heel is shortened by the height of the platform, which means that the sky-high 12-cm high heels are actually 9 centimetres.


5) Accessories

Mini handbag works best with your mini dress. A purse on a chain is the perfect solution here. Or on a string, or anything that can be easily slung over your shoulder and not too heavy. Confidence doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, so give yourself plenty of mini dresses moments to start feeling sexy and fabulous!