How to be confident at the party in company of other people? Do you feel insecure in your dress?

We will help you overcome social anxiety in a quick and funny way, talk freely with people and enjoy the company of others. How it's working:

Look good, feel fabulous

Choosing a perfect outfit has a significant effect on self esteem and confidence. Pick a favourite mini dress that makes you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. Tall women should choose a slightly longer mini dresses while short women’s should avoid too many sequins and focus on short mini dresses with a little ornaments. There is one type of dress that will fit every women, every figure: sexy ruched mini dress with long or short sleeves will give you that super confidence. Many other tips on how to choose the right party dress


We all know that wearing mini dress and high heels is super sexy but we also know that not every women feels comfortable wearing heels. Platform shoes are the most sexy and comfy type of heels that every one of you should try them on and practise your super catwalk at home.

Break the ice

Everyone loves a little attention, something as simple as: “What a great dress/purse, where did you get it?” can add a spark to your conversation and let you feel more and more confident and relaxed. Wearing a little makeup can make a women feel more positive about herself, says scientists. Makeup should match the type of your beauty and dress you are wearing. If you have a blue dress, the line on the lower eyelid of the same color will additionally raise the color. Have you put on a sweet pink mini dress? Monochrome makeup using different shades of pink will work perfectly!

Positive emotions Smile to everyone don’t hide behind the curtains. People register positive attitude, your outfit, the way you speak. Healthy diet when you feel confident about your body, you are more likely to feel confident in other aspects of your life. Healthy diet, a little exercise will make you feel a lot better when wearing a sexy dress, meeting people etc. What are your keys to feeling party confident?