How to choose right dress for your body type


Is there anything more feminine than sexy dress? Well chosen dress can highlight your curves and with right accessories can be perfect outfit for any occasion. Dresses can make miracles for your figure; they can slim you, hide what you wish not to be seen and make you look taller by highlighting your legs. Dresses made of elastic, light fabrics will usually have bodycon fit. If you are looking for a dress that can help you mask or hide anything choose dresses made of medium to thick fabric that will keep their shape on your body. If you want to look stylish and highlight your strengths, don’t hesitate and go for fitted, bodycon dresses that will show your best attributes. Ones that made of plain, pattern free fabric will optically make you look slimmer. Especially dresses in darker colours. Dresses with stronger patterned fabrics will give the opposite effect and may make you look shorter or wider.


Few simple rules that you should remember when choosing a dress:

You may easily get sliming effect if you wear your dress with a short blazer or a jumper. It should be in a different colour. Keep in mind that if you are going for sliming effect, you should not choose dresses with strong horizontal patters or cut offs around the waist line.


If you are short, with small breast cup size, you can consider empire waistline dress [waist cut is right under the bust line]. This way you can highlight your bust and it will also visually lengthen your torso and legs. Empire waistline dresses are also great if you don’t feel secure around your tummy or bum area- rather choose dresses that have some draping or ruching.


Dresses with cut at the hip line will visually extend your torso, however may cause your bust look smaller and make your legs look shorter. That is why this sort of cut is recommended for taller, slimmer women.


And last but not least, the most important rule. If you see that ‘wow’ dress, you try it on and you feel gorgeous buy it and keep it. Remember, as long as you feel beautiful and confident, everyone will see this. There is nothing more you need than your own approval and big smile when you look at yourself in the mirror.