How to wear a body con dress? Bodycon dresses are tightly fitting clothes that emphasize every fold and rounding. Dresses in this style show all the advantages and disadvantages of a woman's figure. So how to wear them without looking too riské?

Every actress, celebrity stars wears them on the red carpet and also outside it! Called “second skin” dresses are the most popular dress type for last few seasons. Do you think that very tight dress is not for you? Nonsense, there are many types of bodycon dresses that will fit every women. Here are some tips:


1) Be honest with yourself- know your figure type (Banana, Apple, Pear or Hourglass).


2) Know your advantages and disadvantages. Do you have a few pounds too much? The waist is slightly smaller than the bust? Your legs are too short or too long? Or maybe a proportional figure, a nice ass and big bust? You know best which body parts you should show off which dress type will fit you.


3) Show yourself from the best side! A short, tights dress will help you show your greatest body positiveness. And remember, not only skinny girls look best in body con dresses- the fact is, they should avoid them. Look what celebrities wears them best- Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Lena Dunham.


4) Body con dress shouldn’t leave you self conscious about your body- confidence is your best friend. But if you still feel that there are some dont’s- make friends with body shaping undergarment that will help you to smooth out your curves. Wearing tights under your dress may be another solution- especially in cooler weather or just to cover any spots or lack of sun on your legs- put on opaque black tights, anti-vein or slimming.


5) Accesories and colors: keep an eye on the proportions - shoes with high heels will lengthen the legs and slim the entire figure, just like tights in the color of the dress. Darker color of the dress will make you look slimmer, for the beginning try on black, grey or dark blue body con dress. Keep it simple- too many accessories can quickly make this dress look less low-key.


Thank you for reading, hopefully our tips got your mojo back and boosted your confidence.